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Mixed Use &  Multi-Family Projects

Mixed Use &
Multi-Family Projects

We are proud contributors to the evolution of the mixed-use and multi-family housing market in BC, providing families and communities homes and spaces in which they will thrive for years to come. Our portfolio includes projects ranging from boutique townhomes to complexes of over 350 units, and from non-market housing to luxury condos. Our meticulous eye for detail, originating from our extensive history of building high-end homes, is what makes us unique in the mixed-use & multi-family sector.

Institutional  Projects


We have a long history of working with non-profit and institutional clients including affordable housing societies, post-secondary organizations, and local governments. This work is important to us because it brings a positive and lasting impact to our communities by enhancing access to housing, education, religious, and employment opportunities.

Commercial  Projects


Very early in our history we diversified our expertise by expanding into the commercial sector, building everything from retail units, restaurants, automotive showrooms, and office spaces, as well as heritage buildings. The scale of our work ranges from 2,000sf retail units all the way up to 150,000sf multi-floor office improvements.

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