50 Electronic Avenue

50 Electronic Avenue

Kendrah Johal

Building the Award-Winning 50 Electronic Avenue


Recognized as the City of the Arts, Port Moody, British Columbia, seamlessly integrates historical significance, natural landscapes, and contemporary design into its urban landscape. In this context, the 50 Electronic Avenue multifamily & mixed-use development was conceived to pay homage to the area’s industrial past, and bring a contemporary touch that seamlessly blends into the neighbourhood. The site was previously home to Chisholm Industries Ltd., an innovator in electronic manufacturing and significant contributor to the growth of Port Moody, it’s legacy immortalized in the street name of the adjacent ‘Electronic Avenue.’

Led by developer Panatch Group and built by Kindred Construction, 50 Electronic Avenue is an embodiment of contemporary design and technical precision. Spanning 145,550sf, the residential development consists of an East and a West building, housing a total of 358 residential units, several communal amenities, and 7 commercial rental units. The scale and complexity of this build not only required strong technical knowledge but also excellence in communication and cross-functional project management to ensure Panatch’s project goals and milestones remained at the forefront. Following the completion of Phase 1, 50 Electronic Avenue was honoured with the 2023 Georgie Awards for Best Multi-Family Low Rise Development – a recognition of the impact that technical expertise and a shared commitment to excellence had on this project.

Exterior of 50 Electronic Ave, Port Moody

Kindred’s Precision in Managing Complexity

The start of construction offered a glimpse into the site’s historic roots when soil testing revealed remnants of the manufacturing work of decades past. In conjunction with this there was also a seam of low bearing silty sand below the water table that required excavation. So the project began with extensive excavation to remove this layer, and remediation of the contaminated soil by sealing the remaining native soil using a specially designed vapour barrier. While enriching our appreciation for the site’s heritage, this process ensured that we maintained the strictest environmental standards inclusive of Hydrocarbon Groundwater Filters for improving the site for safe redevelopment work.

The project presented a unique set of complexities given the site’s proximity to a CP Rail line, the Skytrain, and a Metro Vancouver sewer line. These had to be managed through intricate coordination and monitoring, including constant surveying of the building structure to prevent any negative movement towards the CP Rail/Skytrain or the adjacent Metro Van sewer line.

To meet the go-to-market commitment of the project, the construction was divided into two phases – East and West buildings. This two-phased approach allowed the team to effectively manage the logistical intricacies and the technical complexities of the project. One example of this was the construction of the 358 units, which were designed to ensure the best use of available space and entailed multiple custom layouts, and custom millwork. During construction, Covid-19 and the resulting global supply chain issues led to many restrictions and shortages of specified products. With delivery of critical components in flux, or product lines being completely abandoned by some suppliers, our team brought an industrious and collaborative approach to bring meticulous focus on the schedule, and work closely with every trade and partner to manage the continuous redesigns and revisions of shop drawings. Having a two-phased approach allowed the team to maintain the integrity of the client’s vision.

Construction of 50 Electronic Ave, Port Moody

Kindred’s Commitment to Excellence at 50 Electronic Avenue

50 Electronic Avenue exemplifies excellence in user-centric design. In addition to residential and commercial retail units, this complex offers a myriad of mindfully planned amenities that address the contemporary living needs of multifamily dwellers. In addition to the 358 residential units, 50 Electronic Avenue boasts a podium spanning over 43,500sf, a 10,000sf clubhouse with fitness & wellness facilities, media room, co-working space, lounge with outdoor patio, dog washroom, bicycle repair room, arcade, and a guest suite. As further testament to Panatch Group’s commitment to deliver a high-quality product to 50 Electronic Avenue’s dwellers, they chose to use a blend of Hardie plank, panel, brick veneer, and steel, highlighted by a striking orange, for the exterior of the buildings. While setting a design contrast with its surroundings, this choice in material is just one of the many ways that Panatch brings quality, durability, and technical design to the residents of this development.

Mirroring that commitment, the Kindred project team delivered Kindred’s stringent construction management standards to execute the project. Beyond the mechanics of construction, the project team played a pivotal role in delivering an award-winning building by weaving together their technical expertise with deft leadership skills. With a keen emphasis on streamlined coordination, the team ensured a smooth collaboration between diverse parties, from developers and engineers to trades and clients. Their expertise in cross-functional project management demanded adaptability and the acumen to integrate feedback, balance competing priorities, foresee potential challenges, while ensuring that all components of the project functioned cohesively. It is in this synthesis of technical knowledge and adept people management that the true spirit of Kindred’s project management expertise shines, underlining the indispensable pillars of communication and cross-functional collaboration in every project we undertake.

Amenity Room at 50 Electronic Ave, Port Moody

Kindred and Panatch Group’s Dedication to Port Moody

We at Kindred Construction are deeply honoured to have partnered with Panatch group to bring this award-winning multifamily development to the City of Port Moody. For Kindred Construction, this development addresses the housing supply needs of Port Moody, it’s more than just a living space; it’s a junction of past and future aspirations, and a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community. It aligns perfectly with Kindred’s vision. We aim to create spaces that are inspiring, functional, high-quality, and cultivate a sense of community where people are proud to live.

Author: Kendrah Johal, Marketing Coordinator

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