From the Chairman

Well, here we are many years later and I never did return to that forest products company. One construction project ended and another started, and before I knew it a “real” construction company was created, and people (who knew more about construction than I did) were hired to help me (one of these still works here at Kindred). 

What I do remember are those 39 years of building a company that today is well recognized for the great people that came and went as they grew within the industry – and most importantly, those people that are still with us today. Kindred has grown from an “okay, I’ll do these two projects and then return to the forest industry sector” to a company that is today way beyond my wildest dreams at that time. What kept me and the rest of our team going and growing was the people in our team, and not a day goes by that I don’t remember and look back on that growth and all the people that made it happen.

My wife and I are very lucky to have such amazing people in our lives and contributing daily to Kindred’s past and on-going success. The lesson we learned along the way (with all the ups and the downs in these past 39 years) – anything is possible if you have the right people around you and all of us pulling in the same direction.

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